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Article summary

In your summary of your selected article, you should address each of the following questions. This should be accomplished in approximately 6-8 double-spaced pages. Use the headings below (IntroductionIntroduction (1 point) 1. What research question(s) was addressed or what was the goal(s) of this study? 2. According to the authors, why is this question important? 3. Summarize the authors’ hypothesized/predicted results. Method (1 point) 1. How many participants were included in the research? 2. How old were the participants? 3. Describe any participant characteristics of note (e.g., language ability, diagnosis, etc.). 4. What tests or experimental procedures did the participants complete? If the study does not include an experiment, then how did the researchers collect the study data (e.g., observation, language sampling, etc.)? Results (1 point) 1. What variables were included in analyses? 2. Summarize the authors’ findings. Note: there is no need to detail the exact statistics (t-test, ANOVA, etc.) used in analyses. You will just need to summarize the pattern of results. For example X group had significantly higher scores on Measure A than Y group. X group and Y group did not differ on Measure B. X group’s performance significantly improved on Measure C. # participants improved on Measure D and # participants improved on Measure E. Discussion (1 point) 1. Summarize the results with explanations of what they mean. For example, if two groups differ on a test, explain what skill that test measures and how the groups compare on that skill. 2. If the authors hypothesized outcomes in the introduction, did the actual outcomes support these hypotheses? Clearly indicate which hypotheses were supported and which were not. 3. What is the main conclusion of this article? Future Study (1 point) Briefly describe a follow-up study that would address an unanswered question from the current article. Think about a new study in terms of a different research question, a different participant sample, different stimuli, or a different research method. 1. What is your research question? 2. Who are your research participants? 3. Briefly describe the method you would use to test your question. 4. What would this new study tell us that was not addressed in the original study? 5. Why would this new information be important? , Method, Results, Discussion, Future Study) in your paper to help with organization and to ensure that you address each point.
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