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HIST310 W4 Forum Q

This week we will be discussing the topics dealing with the end of the 19th century in Europe. The following questions are to help get you started in your responses. Feel free to expand your answers and not be constrained by the questions, nor do you have to answer every question. Remember to cite your sources and use the variety of sources available to you/assigned for the course, including at least 1 primary source with analysis in any of your postings (either your original post, follow-up, or replies). You may use an assigned primary source or another source you located that is relevant to your topic. You may also include academic outside sources in addition to assigned course readings. 3. -What problems were experienced by both Imperial Russia and Austria-Hungary in the last part of the 19th century? The Ottoman Empire? What attempts did each country make to address these issues? Where did they succeed or fail?
This week we will be discussing the topics dealing with the end of the 19th century in Europe. The following questions are to help get you started in your responses. Feel free to expand your answers and not be constrained by the questions, nor do you have to answer every question. Remember to cite your sources and use the variety of sources available to you/assigned for the course, including at least 1 primary source with analysis in any of your postings (either your original post, follow-up, or replies).
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For this assignment you need to write an analytical paper on the topic of Imperialism. This paper is to be 5-7 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, using 12 point Times New Roman font). You also must include a bibliography or works cited page. You are required to use at least five sources for this paper. Two of those sources are provided for you. The first of these..
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Based on your research and what you provided to the class, what were the causes of Nationalism and Liberalism and why did these ideologies become strong and spread to other nations? Explain, support and be sure to keep the 250 word requirement in mind. Please provide 2-3 sources. No encyclopedias, Wikipedia, or Brittanica. Thanks...
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what was the impact of the Peloponnesian War on Athens' domestic government, both during its final phase and immediately following? (This is in chapter 8, the sections entitled “Ten More Years of War” and “Postwar Athenian Society"). Reading Material: Martin, Thomas R., Ancient Greece: From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times. Second Edition. New Haven: Yale..
HIST301 W4 Forum
Pericles was undeniably a force to be reckoned with in ancient Athens. But there are not good primary sources for him. What we know about him comes primarily from brief references in Athenian plays and from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War. For your initial post, please tell us what you think of Pericles. What was his political agenda? What did he want..
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This assignment is due on June 27th. If you choose to do this assignment you have to write a small paper, 2 pages minimum and 3 pages maximum. The paper should answer the questions What is genomics? And explain how genomics is used in personalized medicine. You have to use at least 3 different sources of information and cite them at the end of your paper (you cannot..
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7 FULL PGS • Create the paper using MS Word and utilize Source Manager to cite your sources • Papers should be 7 not including the title page or Citation page. • Use Font : New Times Roman and Size: 12 • The content should introduce your topic, provide a Thesis, and have a minimum of three supporting points. The conclusion should briefly touch the supporting points..
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Using the real or fictitious company you have created, write a 2-3 page paper. In your paper address the following: Select two business processes and perform an analysis on each. Option 1) create an ‘as-is’ and a ‘to-be’ analysis of each process Option 2) perform a business process reengineering analysis on each process Option 3) perform one ‘as-is/ to-be” and..
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Write an essay on Syrian Refugee Crises. Follow an APA style guidelines. It includes the following: - The Title page - Introduction: Thesis statement - Supporting paragraph 1 - Supporting paragraph 2 - Supporting paragraph 3 - Conclusion - References Plagiarism is an academic misconduct. While citing sources, rephrase the sentences and then cite them per..
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