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Marketing - Evaluate Product Packaging

A product's package is often referred to as a silent salesperson and is the last marketing effort consumer see before they make a final selection in the store. One model used evaluate products package is the V.I.E.W model:- V isibility - this is packaging's ability to stand out among competing products on the shelf. Information - this refers to the type and among of information that included on the package. Emotion - this is an element of package that seeks t stimulate emotion in-order to influence the buyers. Work ability - the package should fulfil function of protecting the product. 1. Select two competing brands in a product category and evaluate each brand's packaging using V.I.E.W model. 2. Which Brand has superior packaging? 3. Suggest ways to improve the other brand's packaging? Those three questions were provide in the attachment uploaded.
A product's package is often referred to as a silent salesperson and is the last marketing effort consumer see before they make a final selection in the store. One model used evaluate products package is the V.I.E.W model:- V isibility - this is packaging's ability to stand out among competing products on the shelf. Information - this refers to the type and among of information that included on the package. Emotion - this is an element of package that seeks t stimulate emotion in-order to influence the buyers.
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