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Advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment and the legal issues that ay arise

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting, and what legal issues may arise from each strategy?please write a research paper based on the following guidelines: Paper must be APA formatted An APA-formatted bibliography must correspond with the citations in the paper.(You cannot have references without citations, or citations without references.) The paper is expected to be between 800-words =3pages All researched facts must be properly cited. All papers should be proofread, and be free of spelling and grammar errors. Direct quotes cannot represent more than 7% of the total word count of the paper. All papers must have a minimum of three references that include at minimum: Two peer-reviewed article
What are the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting, and what legal issues may arise from each strategy?please write a research paper based on the following guidelines: Paper must be APA formatted An APA-formatted bibliography must correspond with the citations in the paper.(You cannot have references without citations, or citations without references.) The paper is expected to be between 800-words =3pages All researched facts must be properly cited. All papers should be proofread, and be free of spelling and grammar errors. Direct quotes cannot represent more than 7% of the total word count of the paper.
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