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week 7 dicussion part 2

I need a reply to this post: The National Rifle Association (NRA) has played a vital role is shaping gun legislature since 1975. Since the early 70s the NRA created the lobbying branch, The Institute for Legislative Branch (ILA). The ILA Main focus has been the use of the “Shall issue system” which states that all applicants who meet the basic criteria set forth by the state will be able to receive the license to carry. The NRA has also been a big promoter of “Stand your ground laws”. Over the year the NRA has shaped our culture and educated those that are interesting in exercising their second amendment right. The NRA provides gun training and is constantly promoting that if the government implements gun control, it will end constitutional liberties. Over the years the NRA training has shaped the beliefs of gun carries. They have reported that they feel it is their duty to protect the citizens “Sheepdogs Guarding the sheep”. Through training the NRA also recruits members but their training manual emphasizes the importance of education. They serve as an instrumental institution in gun culture because they place a emphasis in extensive training and responsibility when integrating a gun into someone’s daily life. NRA Lobbies constantly in politics with the argument is that guns are the solution to crime rather than the problem. They original began lobbying in the 1960s after the assassination of John F Kennedy. Even though they focus on lobbying laws they still concentrate on to their original values of service activities like Hunting courses, competitive shooting events, and self-defense training. you"ll just have to reply to it on whether agreeing or disagreeing with the post. It will only have to be 100 words. I need it done in 4 hours.
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