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Diversity Issue Analysis

Task. Locate an article (from a credible source) that addresses the issue of managing diversity in organizationsthat you find particularly interesting. Examine the diversity issue within the article using concepts from the reading and scholarly literature. Concepts. Use at least concepts from the textbookas well as minimum three scholarly articles to analyze the specific diversity issue as discussed in the article. Your task is to examine the article’s main claims in light of the material in the scholarly literature you have found and your textbook; in this sense, the researched material becomes a lens through which you examine the issue in the article and your own stance in relation to this issue. Critical claim. Your article should have a main diversity issue; craft your critical claim in reference to this issue. The critical claim should reflect your voice—your unique stance/contribution to the discussion of diversity (3/4 of the paper) Sources. When looking for an article that interests you, there are peer-reviewed scholarly journals (listed further in this syllabus) as well as many magazines and other journals from which to choose: DiversityInc. Magazine, HR Executive, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, etc. Furthermore, you may be able to find an interesting article in a local or national newspaper. Remember the helpful resource of diversity Web sites:,,,, and so forth. Referencing. Be sure to define the terms/concepts that you wish to incorporate. When you do any type of referencing (quoting or paraphrasing borrowed material), you must use the APA style manual.
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