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Critical thinking essay

Apply at least three of James Lett's six rules of evidential reasoning ( to something in your own life that you hold dear. For help coming up with something to examine with Lett's rules, check out the Whitbourne article about "" Even the heartiest critical thinkers employ "magical thinking" to their lives. It is part of our human condition. Using fewer than 700 words: 1. Share a practice, belief, or tradition that is important to you. Describe it well enough so that the reader will have no trouble identifying what you are examining. 2. "Attack" your idea using Lett's rules (at least three of them.) 3. Conclude with a paragraph or two describing how this exercise affected your perspective on the practice/tradition/belief you chose.
Apply at least three of James Lett's six rules of evidential reasoning ( to something in your own life that you hold dear. For help coming up with something to examine with Lett's rules, check out the Whitbourne article about "" Even the heartiest critical thinkers employ "magical thinking" to their lives. It is part of our human condition. Using fewer than 700 words: 1.
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