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PROJECT: DEFENSE OF A MUSIC ERA You've completed your study of the classical music history from each era: Medieval, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Twentieth Century. Now it's time to give your own 'expert' opinion about classical music! In this project you'll be giving your own defense of your favorite classical music. OBJECTIVES Analyze and defend your favorite period of classical music history. Part 1 - Choose Your Favorite Era in Music History 1. Determine which period of classical music history is your favorite. Era Dates Key word Medieval 450-1450 religion Renaissance 1450-1600 man Baroque 1600-1750 ornament Classical 1750-1820 order Romantic 1820-1900 feelings Twentieth Century 1900-2000 diversity 2. Refresh your memory on the key elements and aspects of the period you've chosen. What are the dates of this period? What was happening in society during this time? What did the basic elements of music look like in this period? Who were some of the main composers? What are some of the most important compositions, genres, or styles in this period? Why do you like this era the best? Part 2 - Write a Defense of the Era’s Music Write a one- to two-page paper outlining key characteristics of the era you chose and defend why you like this particular period the most. Take the time to consider diligently what you've learned about the music of the era, and plan your defense thoughtfully and carefully. In your paper you must include: period dates; key events and/or philosophies occurring in society that affected the music of that time; general music characteristics, that is, aspects of rhythm, melody, harmony, expression, instrumentation, etc.; reference to two or more musical pieces specific to the period; mention of a key composer or two; and defense and explanation of why you like this period the best. Use the Grading Rubric to evaluate the completeness of your project. Your teacher may also use these guidelines in grading your work.
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