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Read Chapter 7 reading assignment (on Moodle). 1. Sesame Street activity Using the critical step below, watch Sesame Street clips (link is below these instructions on the Moodle block OR and determine any cognitive development concepts that are shown (eg, centration, scaffolding, memory, simple math) CRITICAL STEP: In the search bar, type: • Snuffle Shuffle (for illustrations of Vygotsky’s theory) • Abby and Cookie Monster Subtract Cookies (for illustrations of Information Processing theory) Compose a paragraph for each video that describes its demonstration of Vygotsky’s theory (Snuffle Shuffle) and the Information Processing theory (Counting Laundry). 2. Early Childhood Education chart Create a list of early childhood education options/kinds (pp 231-232) and include 2 benefits of that type of education for preschoolers. In your own words, comment on the effectiveness of child care.
Read Chapter 7 reading assignment (on Moodle). 1. Sesame Street activity Using the critical step below, watch Sesame Street clips (link is below these instructions on the Moodle block OR and determine any cognitive development concepts that are shown (eg, centration, scaffolding, memory, simple math) CRITICAL STEP: In the search bar, type: • Snuffle Shuffle (for illustrations of Vygotsky’s theory) • Abby and Cookie Monster Subtract Cookies (for illustrations of Information Processing theory) Compose a paragraph for each video that describes its demonstration of Vygotsky’s theory (Snuffle Shuffle) and the Information Processing theory (Counting Laundry). 2.
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