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Practical Film Production

Assignment 1: Essay (1200-to1500 words) “The most important person in the business of filmmaking.’ Is this an accurate description of the role of the film producer?” Weighting (% of final grade): 40% Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: 1 Description of Assignment: This assignment requires the students to construct an argument and back it up with evidence from readings, class materials and their own research. More info will be distributed in class. Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): Answers the question posed; analysis is thoughtful, accurate, and detailed; writing is clear and free of errors; essay is neatly organized and presented and of proper length; demonstrates good understanding of conventions of academic writing; argument is clearly laid out and fully backed up by references and evidence.
Assignment 1: Essay (1200-to1500 words) “The most important person in the business of filmmaking.’ Is this an accurate description of the role of the film producer?” Weighting (% of final grade): 40% Learning Outcome(s) Assessed: 1 Description of Assignment: This assignment requires the students to construct an argument and back it up with evidence from readings, class materials and their own research. More info will be distributed in class. Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?): Answers the question posed; analysis is thoughtful, accurate, and detailed; writing is clear and free of errors; essay is neatly organized and presented and of proper length; demonstrates good understanding of conventions of academic writing; argument is clearly laid out and fully backed up by references and evidence.
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