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Hello writer after reading initial post of the peers please respond to wei, dorjee and Yolanda post separately. I mean separate paragraph. So I know who I am talking to in the class. Responses to colleagues thoroughly address the topic, reflect the requirements for the assignment and include substantial & significant content and ideas Example Wei Hello wei Dkfdjfdjsfjldjfjdsfjdsj Hello dorjee Jfldjfdsjlfjdlsjfkldj Hello Yolanda Wei Before reading this chapter, I did consider pregnancy to be a risky time for women. For example, some possible consequences related to pregnancy include: hypertension, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, miscarriage, preterm labor, hemorrhage, infection, fluid/electrolyte imbalance related to excessive vomiting, and iron deficiency anemia. According to World Health Organization (WHO), about 830 women die from preventable pregnancy and childbirth related factors on a daily basis (2018). 99% of these cases occur in developing countries. The huge difference in maternal mortality in low-income and high income countries could be attributed to several factors. One, it reflects the inequity in some areas of the world where healthcare services are limited and women are not receiving the checkup they need. For example, more than half of these incidences happen in the sub-Africa area and one-third occur in South Asia. In these situations, access to prenatal and women health is already shaky. Two, the number of pregnancies per lifetime an individual undergoes is another reflection of the relative risks she is undertaking. Women in developing countries, on average, will have more pregnancies than women in developed countries. This could be attributed to a lack of education, lack of safe sex knowledge, lack of protection use, decreased female autonomy, and sexual violence committed against women. Thus their lifetime risks of death related to pregnancy-induced complications are also higher. Though age is a factor and adolescent pregnancy (
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