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Biblical Basis Project

Biblical Basis Project: Final Submission Instructions You will be assigned books of the Bible to research regarding the biblical basis and guidelines for helping the poor and needy. You will utilize the Bible and at least 3 other sources besides the textbooks (books or journal articles) when developing this project. You will creatively present this material in a 8–10-minute narrated PowerPoint*. In this presentation, you are to discuss the themes found in your assigned books regarding helping the poor and the needy. The reference page must be in current APA format. All sources listed on your reference page must be referred to in your project. This project assesses Measureable Learning Outcomes C, E, and G. Your classmates and instructor will be viewing your presentation. Here are some guidelines to ensure that you are providing the best possible impression: 1. Keep in mind that although not in the traditional classroom setting, you are in a professional, academic environment. Language and the content of the discussion must be kept within the Student Expectations and the Liberty Way. 2. Minimize distractions for yourself. If possible, record in an area where pets, family members, media, etc., will not be heard in the background. 3. Gather and organize your thoughts before beginning your recording. This will help to ensure that you stay on topic, and will allow your peers to provide substantial responses (if applicable). 4. If needed, write down your thoughts to help you create a smooth presentation; however, be certain that you are not simply reading from your notes. This is an opportunity to contribute to the discussion and to demonstrate what you have learned. *To create a narrated PowerPoint, click “Insert” (part of the “Media” tab) “Audio” “Record Audio.”
Biblical Basis Project: Final Submission Instructions You will be assigned books of the Bible to research regarding the biblical basis and guidelines for helping the poor and needy. You will utilize the Bible and at least 3 other sources besides the textbooks (books or journal articles) when developing this project. You will creatively present this material in a 8–10-minute narrated PowerPoint*. In this presentation, you are to discuss the themes found in your assigned books regarding helping the poor and the needy.
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