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Here is our Discussion Board Question for Unit 4 for you to use in composing your original post that is due no later than Friday, June 14 at 11:55 pm, with your reply post due no later than Monday, June 17, at 11:55 pm. The Forum for posting in this unit will be available on Sunday, June 9, at 11:55 pm. Remember, you may access the Discussion Board Forum for Unit 4 by going to the Collaboration Button. Please make sure you post your posts for this unit under the Forum designated for Unit 4. Remember that you cannot see anyone else's posts until you have made your own original post. And, please follow the Discussion Board Guidelines as contained in the syllabus for original and reply posts. And, remember to organize your original post in separate paragraphs, marking them to correspond with the numbering/labeling of the questions below. Please respond to all parts of the question below in your original post and label clearly each part to which you are responding, to match the labeling of the question itself. Question 1) Discuss one fact about St. Thomas that appealed to you from each of the 2 assigned videos on his life. Please number your response as Video #1 and Video #2. Discuss why the facts you chose appealed to you! Using your own words, supported by the reading in chapter 1 of Living the Good Life, who was St. Thomas Aquinas and why is his thought still so important today, especially in our times? Question 2) Please answer this question from our course text, Living the Good Life, chapter 2: Why does living a life that is truly good and just cause us to experience deep personal happiness as human beings? [You must not just use your own thoughts on this but you must answer from the textbook.] Question 3) Please answer this question from our course text, Living the Good Life, chapter 3: Why are our mere feelings often an unreliable and insufficient guide regarding what is truly good and truly evil in a particular situation? [You must not just use your own thoughts on this but you must answer from the textbook.] Question 4) Please answer this question from our course text, Living the Good Life, chapter 3: What is the role of our reason in helping us know what is truly good and truly evil in a situation? [You must not just use your own thoughts on this but you must answer from the textbook.] Question 5) From your viewing of the 2 videos on conscience, coupled with the pdf download on an erroneous conscience - and in light of your answers to Part One above, how would you answer the following questions? [You must answer the questions below from our assigned material and not other outside resources.] a) What is our conscience? b) Why is our conscience not only important - but also a real GIFT from God to us -- both for this life and for our ultimate happiness in the next life? c) What is my responsibility in developing and informing/calibrating my conscience correctly -- in accordance with God's unchangeable Moral Law? d) Why can it be dangerous to merely say in response to a moral dilemma, "Follow your conscience" OR "All that matters is that you do what you believe is right" ? Question 6) Please answer the following questions from our assigned reading in chapter 6 of Living the Good Life, and not from your personal opinion or other resources: A) While doing the right thing is important in our moral lives, why is it even better to desire to do the right thing? I B) What did our assigned reading in chapter 6 of Living the Good Life help you understand about what it means not only to choose well, but also to desire well? This is a key concept for our course. Question 7) Virtue in the moral life can be defined as using our wills to develop the habit of subjecting our emotions and desires to the light of reason and the objective principles found in the Moral Law. What did our assigned reading in pages 76 - 82 (mid-page) help you understand about the meaning of virtue and its relationship to our emotions? Please provide a substantive answer. One or two sentences is insufficient. Question 8) Using our textbook, Living the Good Life, as your only resource for this question, discuss the meaning of "moderation" and why it is superior to mere self-control in living the moral life. Again, substantial detail and depth of understanding must be shown in your answer. What does this help you understand about something in your own life? Question 9) What is the fourfold division that represents the spectrum of character through which we can judge human moral behavior, as discussed and specifically named in chapter 7 of our assigned reading in Living the Good Life? [HINT: You must be specific in naming the stages of this 4-fold division as stated in our text.] From both this fourfold division and chapter 7's discussion of vice on pages 82 - 85, why is it so dangerous to allow vice to rule our souls, rather than virtue? Go into some depth in your explanation of your answer. Finally, can you offer an example? Question 10) What insights did you gain from the YouTube Video #5 about how sin and vice damage our lives, our souls and the situations in which we find ourselves - including our personal relationships? Be specific in quoting from the video. Your answer must show evidence that you have viewed you tube video #5. Question 11) What did you learn that was new and helpful to you from our assigned reading in Medical Ethics regarding the biblical view of the moral issues surrounding the death process? Be specific, by quoting from the textbook. Question 12) How would you contrast the moral issues concerning death and dying decisions offered from the biblical viewpoint as discussed in our textbook, which take into account the nature and purpose of human life in relationship to God, with those of secular humanism? In order to help you contrast these two views, you may refer back to our work in unit one on secular humanism as well as to this article, which reflects the views of secular humanists worldwide: Please offer at least two contrasting viewpoints between the biblical view and the secular humanist view. Be specific in quoting from both our Medical Ethics textbook and the secular humanist view in making your points.
Here is our Discussion Board Question for Unit 4 for you to use in composing your original post that is due no later than Friday, June 14 at 11:55 pm, with your reply post due no later than Monday, June 17, at 11:55 pm. The Forum for posting in this unit will be available on Sunday, June 9, at 11:55 pm. Remember, you may access the Discussion Board Forum for Unit 4 by going to the Collaboration Button. Please make sure you post your posts for this unit under the Forum designated for Unit 4.
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