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Audit Assignment 2

Follow all the instructions specifically, to complete this assignment. Follow all the required instruction for each of the three questions. You have to very well make sure that the answers on the assignment are correct, especially on the third question. I will upload the instructions for this assignment and I will also upload another audit assignment in which the professor marked, you must see what was wrong in that assignment and make sure it does not end up like that, please and thank you. The textbook you need for that course is Auditing: The Art and Science of Assurance Engagements, Thirteenth Canadian Edition. You can access the textbook from the free amazon kindle app, that you can download on the smartphone. Unfortunately, you cannot access the textbook on the web. To access the online textbook, the username is [email protected] and the password is Calgaryflames1 For each of the three questions it will tell you which part of the textbook you should refer to.
Follow all the instructions specifically, to complete this assignment. Follow all the required instruction for each of the three questions. You have to very well make sure that the answers on the assignment are correct, especially on the third question. I will upload the instructions for this assignment and I will also upload another audit assignment in which the professor marked, you must see what was wrong in that assignment and make sure it does not end up like that, please and thank you.
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