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Organization structure1

Your org structure paper began with a relatively strong intro and a good conclusion, both reflected the theme of the paper, but everything in between did not follow. It sounds like you wanted to address the culture of the org and changes within the change culture but you did not tie the two together. The paper is about org structure redesign and why or defending why the structure works well now. In addition, you used words in unusual ways that without a definition would be unclear to the audience. There was not an org chart included and the reference list includes the textbook twice. Recall the reference requirement count is in addition to the text. I will provide an opportunity for you to correct your paper, there will be a small deduction for a late submission. Try creating an outline first to focus on the theme and reduce the chances of redirecting the purpose of the paper. Watch word use. Please let me know of you intentions to redo the paper. As is you are looking of a point value of 28. Paper is worth 40 points
Your org structure paper began with a relatively strong intro and a good conclusion, both reflected the theme of the paper, but everything in between did not follow. It sounds like you wanted to address the culture of the org and changes within the change culture but you did not tie the two together. The paper is about org structure redesign and why or defending why the structure works well now. In addition, you used words in unusual ways that without a definition would be unclear to the audience.
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