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Next, further consider the topic area by perusing the following resources on Data Recovery and its counterpart, Permanent Data Deletion: How to Recover Data from a Broken Phone: How to use a forensic tool to extract data from a broken Android phone: How to Get Personal Data off Your Devices: Be sure to read this one! 18 Free Data Recovery Software Tool: How to totally, utterly, irreversibly obliterate files from a hard drive: A Full Review of DBAN, A Free Data Destruction Software Tool: Finally, create a new MS Word document entitled Permanent Data Deletion to document your perspective on the topic. Be thorough, thoughtful, professional and articulate. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length (plus references), and address the following: how to restore data accidentally deleted how to permanently delete data from a traditional computer (i.e., desktop or laptop) how to permanently clean data from a cell phone. Technical elements (aka practice using MS Word functionality to create a professional-appearing document) Use a professional style in your document. Include a table of contents on the 1st page of your document. It should be auto-generated using MS Word functionality. Include your name, course number, and the semester in a right aligned header beginning on page 2. Include dynamically-generated page numbering in the lower right hand corner of the page beginning on page 2. Include a minimum of two value-adding images. These should be strategically integrated into your document - do NOT simply append them to the end. Include a minimum of three citations in APA format. These sources need to be properly cited in your document, and included in a reference section. References need to be manage via MS Word functionality. Examples are particularly useful for illustrating your perspective on the topic.
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