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Porter, Eduardo. "The Price of Crossing Borders

*****MUST READ ATTACHED FILES****** • Use MLA standards to format and cite your paper. • Title your essay. • Refer to the author and the title of the work in your first paragraph. Anyone picking up your writing should know what author and work you are discussing. • Be sure to set off the title in quotation marks in your introduction. Write a fully developed essay that responds to each of the questions below. Your essay is not merely a summary of the reading, but a thoughtful response that explains, persuades and supports your main idea with facts, examples, and reasons. • Include direct and indirect quotes from the reading. Be sure to document correctly. • Include a clear thesis statement early on in your essay. • Avoid starting sentences with “I think,” “I believe,” or “In my opinion.” • You must answer all three questions. • Answer the questions in any order that makes sense to you. 1. In his essay, “The Price of Crossing Borders,” Eduardo Porter says, “The conversation laid in stark relief the type of bare-knuckle cost-benefit analyses that steer people’s lives.” What does he mean by that? What evidence does Porter use to support his statement? 2. What is Porter’s take on the debate about illegal immigration? Use examples from the essay to support your answer. 3. Does Porter claim that illegal immigrants affect prices in the United States? Explain your answer.
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