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Statement of purpose for PHD IN HIGHER EDUCATION

hello there are some facts about me 1-i love teaching 2.i am international students from Saudi Arabia 3. my major in undergraduate is biology 4-i am now student in UIW adult education master program I want to study Ph.D. on it UIW ALSO but in higher education (professorate). I will graduate in may /12/ 2017 I need to start Ph.D. in this summer as soon as possible if I got Ph.D. acceptance I will be able to obtain the scholarship from (SACM ) my goal becomes a professor in my country when I go back I interested in educational theories in adult learner field I am a hard worker I got a lot of workshops and attended conference about education please be creative about good thing about me and great treats
hello there are some facts about me 1-i love teaching 2.i am international students from Saudi Arabia 3. my major in undergraduate is biology 4-i am now student in UIW adult education master program I want to study Ph.D. on it UIW ALSO but in higher education (professorate). I will graduate in may /12/ 2017 I need to start Ph.D.
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