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Question 4: Using our only and specificallly the assigned reading from Medical Ethics on the procedure of abortion, pages 35 - 44, answer the following questions-- be sure and give direct quotes and pages numbers to back-up your answers. A) Even though our culture is engaged in such impassioned debate over the so-called "rights" of the mother to abort her baby, why is abortion always such a horrendous offense against both Almighty God and the dignity of the human person - according to the biblical viewpoint and objective facts about the reality of human life? B) Again, according to the biblical view, from our assigned reading, is there ever an instance or situation where a direct abortion is allowed, ethically speaking? C) Similarly, according to the biblical view, how serious a consequence is there for the spiritual souls of those involved in either having an abortion or being part of a healthcare team that performs abortions? Why is this the case? D) Finally, according to the biblical view of the sacred dignity of all human life, from the moment of conception, regarding the reading of Document #6 on page 44 of our assigned reading, how serious an offense is it, morally and ethically speaking, to use a medical device or pharmaceutical, which either intercepts or interferes with implantation of the newly conceived child in the uterus of the mother? Why would artificial contraceptives be considered part of this class of pharmaceuticals? Question 5: In light of the rest of this unit, what additional insights did you gain about the objective evil of abortion, i.e., based upon the reality of what is really going on in this procedure, from watching each of the Videos, #4, #5, #6 & #7, assigned for this unit? Be sure and offer a specific point from each video, making it clear in your answer what you gained from each video. In order to give evidence of having watched all 4 videos, please number your responses to this question as: Video #4, Video #5, Video #6 and Video #7. Question 6: In light of your re-reading of the contents of pages 62 -64 of Theology for Beginners, and applying this specifically to the issue of abortion, why is there greater freedom-- for the child's parents, the child and healthcare workers -- found only within the good boundaries laid out by God in the Moral Law, regarding the protection of the life of all unborn children - from the moment of conception? Question 7: Now, playing the flipside, ethically speaking: How might those who adopt an ethic of materialism, secular humanism and/or moral relativism respond to any aspect of something that you learned from this unit on the biblical, Judeo-Christian view, of abortion, which considers all human life sacred from the moment of conception?
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