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Domestic Violence / Models of Service Delivery

There is an outline that will be enclosed after the auction. The outline has all of the below questions answered. Please feel free to add more points and elaborate thoroughly in essay format. The paper must be in APA format with at least 5 pages. There are already 3 pages enclosed to edit into essay format from the outline. The paper should be scholarly written with in-text citations. Feel free to use additional sources to add to the sources already used in the outline. Please make sure to elaborate more on the below questions. 1) The fpaper should include background information about the topic of domestic violence. What is domestic violence? Who is affected by domestic violence? What are Human Services Models of Service Delivery underlying causes of the problem? Show a clear understanding of the domestic violence based on your research (not opinion). 2) The next part of the paper should explain how each of the 3 models of service delivery (the Medical Model; Public Health Model; and Human Services Model) would address domestic violence. For each model: a. Explain how the model addresses the problem you selected, including the strengths and limitations of the model in addressing the problem. For example, how does the medical model view those struggling with domestic violence? What support can the medical model provide? What are the strengths of the medical model in working with domestic violence? What are the limitations of the medical model in working with clients who struggle with domestic violence? Do this for each model, be specific and use information from your own research. Be sure to clearly cite sources used and support your assertions with evidence (i.e. explain your reasoning). 3) Lastly, write about two barriers to receiving help that clients struggling with domestic violence might face and suggest a strategy to overcome each of the barriers. Be specific and support your assertions with evidence.
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