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Researching Scholarly Nursing Articles

Grading Criteria for researching Scholarly articles Grading Criteria(Quantitative) Possible points earned Points earned Is the title clear and does it include the population? 5pts Was an abstract included and did it describe the main parts of the study? 5pts Did the introduction include: a. the problem b. the purpose or aim of the study c. Literature review-was it within 5 years of the publication date? d. Did they use a theoretical framework-what was it? e. Variables/concepts- What are they and are they clearly identified and defined f. What is the stated research question /hypothesis? 20pts Did the researcher discuss how they protected the rights of the subjects? 10pts Does the method section include: a. Design-what type was used b. Who was the target population identified? c. Sampling criteria used d. Setting e. Measurement tools used. Was there a rationale given for its use? f. What was is data collection process used? 20 pts Results: a. Are the findings linked to the analysis and are they clear to understand? b. Are there graphs, tables, figures? Are all the statistical findings clearly discussed? c. Is there statistical results for reliability and validity( e.g. Power analysis) 15pts Conclusion: a. Significance to nursing b. Future recommendations? c. Is it generalizable to the population? 15pts Credentials of the author(s) Are the author’s experts in the area of the study topic? 5pts APA style ( includes title page, running head, headers, in text citation, reference page, grammatically correct) 5pts Total Grading criteria (Qualitative) Possible points earned Points earned Is the title clear and include the variables population? 5pts Abstract: a. Is there an abstract included? b. Does include statement of the problem and purpose? c. Does it include a summary of the study? 10 pts What is the evidence that the researchers are qualified to conduct this study? 5pts Does the statement of the problem: a. Clearly identify the phenomenon of interest b. Did the researcher states the reason for doing a qualitative study? c. C. Are the philosophical underpinnings described clearly? 10pts Purpose: Does the researcher explain : a. the purpose of the study b. the significance to nursing 10pts Methodology: a. Is the method compatible with qualitative studies b. Sampling- is the selection process for the participants described and appropriate for the study? 15 pts Data Collection: a. Is the collection of data focused on the human experience? b. What are the data collection strategies used? c. Were the protection of the participants noted? d. Did the researcher reach saturation of data? 15pts Data Analysis: a. Were the data analysis strategies described? b. Are the procedures used clear to understand? c. Ae the findings presented logically and clearly. d. Are the findings consistent with the experience conceptualized by the researcher? 15pts Conclusions: a. Are implications and recommendations included? b. Are there future recommendations for further research included? c. Is the significance to nursing made explicit to the audience? 10pts APA style ( includes title page, running head, headers, in text citation, reference page, grammatically correct) 5pts TOTAL
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