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Week 4 essay

Examine the origins of the American Revolution, 1650-1776. Essays are considered Formal Papers, and so must follow certain formatting rules. Part of your grade for these exams comes from following the instructions provided. FORMAT : Essays will be a single paragraph, exactly one-half of a page long, Times New Roman Font, 12-point type, double-spaced. No references or citations are necessary. Essays should be written in your own words - do not use direct quotes. STYLE : Writing should be clear and to the point. Write in short, simple sentences, and always write in the active voice. (Sentences that use verbs like 'is, was, were, to be' are passive sentences and must be re-written.) Stay away from crazy punctuation - commas and periods are all that you need. Avoid run-on sentences, and be careful to avoid sentence fragments, which can occur when trying to make your sentences too short and to the point. OBJECTIVE : The purpose of these Essays is two-fold: First, to test your understanding of specific material within a larger historical framework, Second, to challenge you to write in a way that incorporates large amounts of information in a very small space. It's supposed to be tricky to fit all this information into half a page. Think of this as a newspaper - there's only so much room to tell a detailed story.
Examine the origins of the American Revolution, 1650-1776. Essays are considered Formal Papers, and so must follow certain formatting rules. Part of your grade for these exams comes from following the instructions provided. FORMAT : Essays will be a single paragraph, exactly one-half of a page long, Times New Roman Font, 12-point type, double-spaced.
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