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Advice on How to Write a Biosketch

You want to know what the biosketch is, then this article for you as it contains all useful information on how to write a biosketch.

How to Write a Biosketch: Steps

Biographical sketch has entertaining and informative features. It helps readers understand what the subject of an interview was, what exactly the respondent values in life, and what circumstances made a great impression on the life of this person. Most publications, starting with newspapers and magazines, and ending with websites, regularly publish biographical sketches. The knowledge on how to write a biosketch will help you reach a new level of literary excellence and help the reader to look on the life of another person from the outside, and teach him or her on the basis of the experience gained.

  • Start with the main study.
    Gather as much information as possible about the person before you conduct an interview with him or her. If this person is a celebrity and often gives interviews, he or she has a press kit you can ask a question about. As a rule, a press kit consists of a person’s biography, resume, and copies of other interviews. You can also conduct online research and search for articles devoted to this person. If you have official permission you can talk to the family, relatives, and colleagues before starting an interview. These people will give you the basic information that will help you make the right questions.
  • The manuals on how to write a biosketch indicate that you need to decide at what angle to write this essay. Even if you have a biography of the person, there are several options. For example, you can describe a day in the life of a celebrity. In this case, you accompany a person throughout the day. In the biosketch you can tell about what this person does in life, and tell his or her story. In this case it is necessary to focus on everyday events and not to describe the whole biography of the person. You can also write about life story from childhood and to the modern day. This type of sketch is more detailed. You should explain why this person became the person he or she is today; mention events from childhood, relationships, and professional experience.
  • Prepare for the interview.
    Write a list of questions, starting with the general ones and moving to the more specific. It is more difficult to ask specific questions to a particular person. Prepare as many questions as possible. Most likely, you won’t have time to ask all the questions, but the long list will allow you to be more flexible. If a person does not want to discuss a particular topic, or you do not get decent answers to questions, you will have a wide choice. Make sure that you have at hand all the necessary equipment, including a tape recorder or a video camera, extra batteries, a pen, and a note pad.
  • Conduct an interview.
    At this point you are ready to interview face-to-face. It is also possible to conduct an interview in person or over the phone. If you have a private interview, pay attention to details, especially if the interview is conducted in person’s home or office. Most likely, you’ll pay attention to the environment, for example, the large number of family pictures and souvenirs or the relative emptiness of the room. You can also include details regarding the manners of the person. For example, you could write that a person often fusses, nervous, or vice versa, looks very modest and optimistic about the interview.
  • Review your records.
    The manuals on how to write a biosketch state that before making the final version, review your recordings, and listen to the interview. Look for quotes, which attract special attention. Maybe they have a deep sense or contradicting. All these details will help you create a sketch that will attract the reader’s attention. When rereading your notes, do not forget about the audience. Maybe you are writing for the whole country or a particular region; a certain age or a professional group. Select the information that fits the selected audience.
  • Start writing.
    Gather all your notes and basic information together. Try to add quotes, sayings, and jokes. Look for a picture of a big size. When telling a story about the fate of a person, do not forget to specify specific events or era that influenced his or her personal development. If you have the opportunity, draw parallels between the fate of a particular person and the audience.

How to Write a Biosketch: Beginning

The beginning of the biosketch should be energetic and maximally saturated. This is a general rule for all materials in the journalism. From the first lines of the sketch the reader should know what is so unique about the character of the sketch and why there is the public interest in this personality. Maybe this is a new direction in the professional career of a person? Maybe the person belongs to a particular age group?

Excerpts from biosketches in People magazine give a visual representation of how to write a biosketch and every possible way to show the reader outstanding characteristics and originality of an interviewee. The interviewer should use information on the statistical data and personal qualities, thanks to which the character of the sketch achieved success in life, pay attention to the paradox as a way to explain why the person of the interview is appropriate for a biographical sketch. Eloquent quotes can also help start a sketch so that it would be interesting for the reader.

So, in the beginning you should try to reveal the essence of the material, tell us why the person is modern and unusual, and about his or her way to success. Then you need to turn to the way of life of the person and provide the following facts:

  • Daily habits.
  • Schedule of work or travel.
  • Ornaments in the office or at home.
  • Preference in the choice of clothing styles.
  • Favorite dishes.
  • The choice of exercise.
  • Entertainment.
  • Marital status.

How to Write a Biosketch: Main Part

In the main part of the biosketch you should indicate the following data about the person:

  • Place of birth.
  • Occupation of each parent.
  • The effect of heredity.
  • Experience gained during the school years, which affected the professional choice of this person.
  • Motives and aspirations at a young age.

These questions will relate to the early stages of the person’s career, his or her achievements or failures, experiences, difficult moments in life.

It is necessary to try and explore all biographical fields. If you couldn’t fulfill all of your ideas, do not be upset. The size of the biographical sketch is 600 words.

How to Prepare for an Interview?

Many beginners in journalism get scared when faced with the need to conduct an interview. To overcome this fear, you need to divide the organizational tasks and preparations for an interview on a number of tasks, each of which has its purpose. While controlling your fear, you need to call someone with a request for an interview, paying attention to only one call at this time. You should decide on who you are going to contact, what you are going to say, and so on. If you are concentrated on the implementation of each task, you will get the best results in the end by doing something what you have not expected.

How to Write a Biosketch: Interview plan

The purpose of the journalist that conducts an interview is to obtain information that was not previously published. Therefore, prior to the interview it is important to study the topic and make a plan of questions. The questions prepared in advance will help control the direction of the interview and maintain professional independence. When you have a list of questions, you will look confident, because you’ll knows what goals you want to achieve during the interview.

If the questions are not formulated in advance, it can easily lead to a failure. Therefore prepared questions are not only a guide for the interview, but also a protection against people seeking self-promotion. The journalist won’t be able to deal with any strong personality during the interview as long as he or she does not ponder in advance all the things that they need to find out.

If you understand your role in the interview you will have higher chances of achieving your goals. The role of the author as an interviewer is that he or she acts as investigator, who identifies, examines in detail, and evaluates information. Therefore, during the interview, you need to feel free not only when asking, but also when verifying the correctness of the information received.

As an interviewer the author may act as a friend of the character of the sketch, a psychiatrist or a confident journalist.

At the beginning of the interview the reporter has to show his or her friendly interest and understanding. Then, as a psychologist, determine the sticking points and ways to overcome them. At times, he can also act as a trustee of the person in order to get the truth only a true friend can know about.

Guidelines on How to Write a Biosketch

It is necessary to choose the person who has already established professionally to avoid having to deal with far-fetched description.

Always act like a professional when conducting an interview. Be the person who wants to get the best answers, and not a person who wants to please somebody.

It is necessary to study biographical facts from the life of the person you are going to interview.

Remember about structural requirements of the biosketch during the preparation and writing the material:

  • Vigorous beginning about person’s originality.
  • How it was achieved.
  • Confirmation of this by the outstanding figure of the industry.
  • Lifestyle of the person.
  • A logically structures chronology of the life from the early years to the plans for the future.

You want to know what the biosketch is, then this article for you as it contains all useful information on how to write a biosketch.

How to Write a Biosketch: Steps

Biographical sketch has entertaining and informative features.

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