Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Some will say that the simple thing about interesting argumentative essay topics is that they must be interesting. This seems like a very simple talk, but interesting may have many angles to it. Whenever you have the chance to write an argumentative essay, whether they are peer reviewed articles you are writing about or a literary essay, you should focus more on the things you should not include in the work. When you eliminate all that should not be there, the remaining will be things that must be there, and by then, you must have gotten what you need. The number one thing you should do whenever you have a task that has anything to do with interest is to run away from any topic you do not care about. This is all about passion; so if you can’t point to your passion about the topic or that you do not agree with the position personally, do not write about it. This is because such essays are supposed to give your inner feelings and mind away. When you write on things you do not agree to, you will only make very shallow and unconvincing arguments. This is not a narrative essay example, but one that entails taking a stand on what you are convinced about and trying to convince others to take the same stand with you. You should also run away from any topic that is too broad for you to cover within the given limit or space. The solution here is that when you have a broad topic, narrow it down to particular incidences and aspects. This is because there is no sense in coming up with a 20-paged essay when you have been instructed to provide a 5-paged text. There is also one mistake you must endeavor to avoid at all costs. This is the mistake of writing on topics that do not relate properly to your homework or assignment. There are students who do not pay attention to details. They will just scan through the assignment without reading in details and dash to research on things that are not right. Your major concern when looking at assignments is the keywords. These are what will make up for your interesting argumentative essay topics. Here, you should focus on things like compare or contrast, compare and contrast, and dates like 2001, 2011, etc., so as not to write outside the given context.

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Of course, you must run away from anything that does not have two clear opposing sides. Yes, it does not only end in having two sides to it. Those two sides must be opposing and completely arguable and debatable. When picking the topic for your essay, you must ensure that you are picking something that is very specific too. You must ensure that there are things in your position that can be defended with strong evidence. If you take a position which is true but which does not give room for proper defense, you will not achieve anything because the purpose of the work is to offer a defense that will win people’s souls. When you write on interesting essay topics on religious studies, you must choose those topics that will appeal to people’s emotions. The passion should not be about you alone; it must also be present in the people on the other divide. Because of this, you have to choose issues that arouse people’s emotions. When you work on your readers’ emotions, they will connect to your arguments easily and even buy them. You are asked to be logical, but it does not mean that you should be hundred percent rational. This may not give or arouse the interest you need. So, you must go the way of emotions. You should combine the 3 major persuasive methods of pathos, ethos and logos so far as they give the desired effects. The emotional angle will make your audience know what you are saying and understand the things you want to accomplish with the arguments.

When you write the essay, you must bear at the back of your mind that it is all about interests. The teachers realize that this type of essay gives them more room to assess the skills and abilities of students’ more than ordinary multiple-choice questions. Because of this, you have to showcase your analytical and literary skills here. Make sure your arguments are compelling enough to make people change their views. You must argue, bearing in mind that your audience has already taken a stance that is different from yours. So anything that will demonize their stance and deify yours is accepted. Your arguments must all be supported with facts. It is only facts that are backed by evidence and practical examples that can sway people to abandon hitherto held views to buy yours, so you must fill your essays with supporting facts. In doing this, you should ensure that the facts are coming from trusted sources that are credible enough to convince the readers or your opponents. You must also not make the mistake of abandoning the format given by your lecturer. You don’t want to neglect their powers in this regard. Proofreading your engineering paper severally before you submit is another thing you must not neglect. Also, make sure that you use the acceptable and readable font and font size.

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  • You must ensure that you provide only relevant sources and points with up to date information in all parts of the essay.
  • You should also look for quotes that are relevant, so as to buttress your point. However, you have to pick only the scholarly quotes.

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