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Understanding how to do a case study

It is very pertinent for us to understand that doing a case study is an entirely different thing altogether from writing a case study. So the point is that you know how to write a case study does not mean that you know how to do a case study. This is why every student must learn the best ways of conducting a case study so that they will have the required result to write about, and so that the writing will be very easy for them. Though there are many “write my paper cheap” websites out there, you still have to learn the rudiments of doing a case study. You may encounter a lot of questions about doing a case study in your research methodology course exams, and you will not have the grace of the college coursework help providers to help you answer the question. However, on all other issues concerning academics and case studies, you have to contact us because we will always provide the best college essays for you. Now, there is no big deal about learning how to do a case study, but you must follow some guidelines to make it easier for you. Case studies are used for academic research purposes and they are also used for corporate proof points in businesses. There are four different types of case studies you can work on and you must understand the type of case study you are working on before you get to work. The illustrative case study is the one that describes events, the exploratory case study is the one that goes to investigate happenings and events, the cumulative case study is meant to collect information and compare them, while the critical case study is meant to examine a particular event or thing towards discovering the causes and effects of such. You have understood how to do a case study if you understand these. However, every case study is done with some steps, and these steps must be followed religiously just as we do when writing an analytical essay for you.

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Steps to do a case study

When you have determined the case study type, you have to go ahead and choose the topic of the case study. Choosing your angle, and the type of research to use in unraveling the case follows this. You have to also choose the place you will do the research. For instance, if you are working on biology paper topics, you have to start by deciding the organisms to study and the place to find these organisms. You can choose topics from classroom discussions especially about questions that were asked in class. You can start the research at the library by looking at the books, or you can set out on the Internet. When you are choosing a topic, you have to start broad and end narrow. The end result is to narrow your search to a specific problem that has a particular scope. When you have chosen the specific problem, search for information about it from the books, journals, web and many others. Take notes and mark pages as you read through these sources. You must search for case studies that have been conducted on the same matter or a similar matter. It helps you to learn how to do a case study. You can gather information from your teacher and fellow students too. It is advised for you to read things that have been written about the case before. Just get enough information about the situation of the case being looked into.

This step is followed by preparing for the interview for the case study. You have to start by selecting the participants. Determining whether you will interview a person or persons follows this. However, whichever one you choose, you must ensure that you are interviewing people that are knowledgeable about the case you are studying. The eyewitnesses are the best bets for you. You must gather all the necessary information about the people you are interviewing so that you can develop the best question for the interview. Draft the questions for the interview after this and decide on the mode of the interview. It could be by phone, email, or personal face to face interviews. Set up the interviews and ensure that the participants are informed about the purpose of the interview and all surrounding it. You must ask interview questions that will allow them give their own personal opinions; otherwise you have not learnt how to do a case study. We can also help you in developing great interview questions for all types of case studies.

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The next step is to obtain data through the interviews. Ask questions that do not come with simple yes or no answer, so that they can illustrate and give more elaborate information. Because of this, your case study questions must be open-ended. You must also request for data and materials from your samples so that you work will be made credible enough. Readers need concrete evidence and specific data to believe you. It will also allow them to carry out further investigation of what you have posited. When you collect the data from them, you should go ahead and analyze them. Put the entire information together so that they will be so vivid to you when writing the paper. With the data at hand, you can now use a single sentence to formulate the problem and to put the findings into a thesis statement. With this, you pick out the most important parts of the data and information and come out with the best college essays. When you have the data mapped out properly and chronologically, you can now get on with the writing.

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