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It is commonly known, that an ordinary human being receives more that 87% of all information about the word using visual receptors. In a modern society exists a very simple, but nonetheless significant rule: the more you consume - the more efficient you are. A contemporary member of a global informational interchange resembles a modern social alpha predator on the top of an informational pyramid, who is more obsessed with the quantity and the quality of data, than a Cold-War-era spy is. A citizen of the technological age is interested in everything. Recent news, glamour gossips, politics papers, stock indexes and pictures of cute kittens – all these ought to be collected, systematized, double-checked and presented to the consumer in the most pleasant form. A graphic design discipline was created in order to achieve this goal. Modern design study could be defined as a complex of art and business activities aimed to create harmonious and effective visual communication media. Therefore, design study also strongly interconnects with ecology and environmentalism. A contemporary man leads a double life, such as an immemorial amphibian, being torn between two primary alchemical elements: a solid material world and volatile informational ocean. The designer’s assignment is to find the balance between these habitats and gain confidence that a client will get a desirable object without flaws and errors.

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Nowadays, designers are far from being the submissive servants of a faceless crowd. A talented and creative designer obtains the power to vary the face of the world, to project new manners of communication, to form an aesthetically oriented perception of the viewer. There is no real difference between creation of a new commercial logo and elaboration of an ergonomically better format of a chemistry lab report – each task requires creativity and individuality to make the work in a good way unforgettable. Nowadays, practically anyone has a possibility to turn informational flows traffic to a necessary direction. However, only gifted individuals have the ability to transform an informational pattern into an ergonomically favorable form in order to make a message understandable, catchy and aesthetically attractive. These qualities are priceless in conditions of a free market and permanent social competition. The main achievements of design study can find their materialization in the modern digital world practically within minutes. Hereby, all these factors prove the significance of design courses.

A scope of application of graphic design is extremely large and diverse. It is unwise to start studying this sphere of knowledge without being familiarized with its fundamentals. One ought to examine history paper topics related to the development and evolution of design techniques, principles and specialized software. The modern graphic design can be classified by categories of tasks, schools, techniques and final products. Here is the list that comprises directions of contemporary graphic design, namely:

  • Book design. Book designers employ a variety of technique to create and improve a bookish style and format. Those techniques intent to present a book as an object of art established with all possible care and attention. This field of design also includes typography and calligraphy. One can notice that a book styled inappropriately produces an awkward impression, similarly to a haltingly performed impromptu speech. As for a perfect product of publishing industry, thus, every single element of design has to work synergistically with others to demonstrate the content without any detriment to the style.
  • Visual style. This branch of graphic design forms an expedient format for mass media and various types of communications. It is a multipurpose discipline, which uses results from different fields of design, as well as from other social and anthropological studies. As it has been mentioned previously, the modern world is a world of digital communication. Therefore, new and picturesque ways of presenting information are the primal goals of a graphical design. Nowadays, practically every graphic design coursework contains references to this sphere of knowledge.
  • Corporate identity. This branch of work provides instruments and methods that are aimed at the best possible presentation of a corporation and on the development of its image. It is one of the most significant and successful graphic design departments. Nowadays, one cannot find a company that does not employ the achievements of the graphic design. The organization that is not trying to present its own advantages in a bright and discernible way is as good as doomed to extinction. Practically, this means that both performing a dental school personal statement and drawing a logo for a great international company pursue the same goal – to demonstrate the superiority of the organization in related spheres of service.
  • Commercial posters. Together with book design, it is one of the oldest applications of graphic design. Despite the development of the Internet and digital globalization, some old fashion commercials, such as posters, still play a great role in the presentation of the product.
  • And the last, but not the least - web design. During your visit of a favorite website that writes essays for you, you can notice, that the visual appearance of the service attracts attention most of all. The quality of service is less important than the quality of style at the stage of user’s selection. Web design is the newest branch of study but it already has its own marketing niche, and all prognoses unanimously claim its future success.

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