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Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne Essays

William Hope Harvey was born the fifth of six kids on August 16, 1851 to Colonel Robert Trigg Harvey and Anna Limbroux. Called Billy in his childhood, Harvey went to school in a log house throughout the civil war, educated a semester in sixteen, and graduated law school at nineteen. The book, "Coin Harvey, Prophet of Monte Ne" by Lois Snelling, was commissioned by the Benton County Historical Society to chronicle Harvey's life from his birth on a farm at Buffalo, Virginia to the effect he would have on the Northwest Arkansas area well after his death on February 11, 1936 at Monte Ne, Arkansas. This book explores, briefly, the lives of Coin's neighbors, both contemporary and past. On a stop at Colorado through a business trip to California in 1883, Coin became interested with silver and took up a choice to try his hand at mining. Calling his mine "Silver Bell," Harvey's mine was the 2nd biggest producer in the area; however, on account of the increase in transport costs, increasing labor unrest, and the plummeting market value of silver, Harvey left his mine. By Coin's mining days, he formed an interest in silver instead of gold as the U.S. monetary system standard. In 1891, he became the chairman of the Trans-Mississippi Congress, whose interest had been in promoting legislation which could benefit the states west of the Mississippi. After moving to Chicago, Harvey created a printing press and published a weekly magazine called "Coin". Although his printing company was unsuccessful, he also wrote and published a string of inexpensive books known as "Coin's Financial School," dedicated to the idea of replacing gold with silver as the monetary system. These books not only gave Harvey the nickname he would be known as for the remainder of his lifetime, b.. .

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