CREATED ON 27th April 2018

Digital Art Technology Essay

Digital Art Technology Technology is continually changing and growing our ways of living. It makes life easier at times, and more interesting also. If one would think about art in the past, usually technology and computers did not come to mind. Now because of modern technologies, the digital era is discovering vast ways to make incredible works of art via computer tools and software. Art is currently digitally created and can appear unbelievable to the eye. Digital art technology is in certain ways, a form of artwork that can be constructed on a computer based template and depict an artistÕs rendition however in a mechanical method. ÒAs early as 1912, the futurists planned moving sculptures driven by machine, where the machine has been integrated into the body of the artwork . Both moves advocated the artist as a user of technology and recognized the system as art, thoughts that would slowly make their way into the artistic mainstream for the arrival of digital digital technology.Ó (55, Wolf) This was the beginning of decades and years of clinging into art technology. It was a slow transition since gear malfunctioned during art displays at times and the technology required to be satisfactorily developed still. Inventions starting over 40 years ago started Digital Art technology. Back in 1963, a program for interactive computer graphics, known as Sketchpad, was created by Ivan E. Sutherland. It facilitated the cooperation of computing and drawing. ÒBy the mid-1970s and throughout the 1980s, computer images improved tremendously, and also a new sort of imaging was possible: visualizations of complex mathematical functions, three-dimensional images, and fractal imagery no artis...

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