CREATED ON 25th April 2018

Charles Darwin Essay

Charles Robert Darwin was a man of many hats. He was a friend, colleague, son, dad, husband ; but most importantly he was a naturalist. During his dedication and perseverance did he manage to, in less than a generation, establish the concept of evolution as a fact in peoples' minds. In reality, "[t]oday it is nearly impossible for individuals to reunite, even momentarily, to the pre-Darwinian atmosphere and attitude" (West 323). Darwin formed the basis of his theory through the voyage of this H.M.S. Beagle, on which boat he was posted as it flew around the world. During that five-year span, this young man saw leaves , creatures, cultures that he had never known firsthand before. He was exposed to environments that not a lot of his contemporaries saw and lived the life that few did. Was his epic journey merely a collection of trips to strange and exotic lands, or was Darwin influenced by his own experiences in deeper ways? Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809; the same day that another great man, Abraham Lincoln, was born. He was no child prodigy; he "was considered by all his] masters and by his] Father as a very ordinary boy, rather below the frequent standard in intellect" (Barlow Voyage 28). The one trait in him which stands out in his formative years is a taste for the outside; he loved to collect shells, seals, franks, coins, and minerals. The enthusiasm for collecting, that leads a person for a systemic naturalist, a virtuoso, or a miser, was very powerful in [him and was clearly innate, as none of his] brothers and brother ever had this taste. (Barlow Autobiography 23) He grew up in Shrewsbury, also attended the local grammar-school there. After graduating, he entered Edinburgh University with the purpose of studying medicine, but he found body boring and his lack of sketching skills hampered him. It was decided between Darwin and his father he must pursue ecclesiasticalstudies in Cambridge. Those subjects did not enthuse him , but he discovered that a "impulsive and outstanding interest in natural history" (Moorehead 25). Academically, "he scraped through...with a pass" (Moorehead, 25) but he loved himself as he had fallen into a bunch of sportsmen and naturalists. At the same time, he created strong ties with his botany and geology teachers, Professors Adam Sedgwick and John Henslow. Henslow was really a true friend; he did.

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