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The Importance of Gender in Boys and Girls by Alice Munro Essay Illustration

The Value of Gender in Boys and Girls Since the beginning of time, sex roles have existed in society. Women were assigned the tasks of child-care and food prep. Men performed most activities that required physical strength. As society progressed, the role of women did not. Even less emphasis is placed on sex roles today, sex roles still exist. Back in 1968, Alice Munro wrote, "Boys and Girls" to address the confusion that gender roles may cause in a modern society. "Boys and Girls" is a coming-of-age narrative about a young girl who's enjoying her tomboy years and is mad about becoming a woman. The motif in "Boys and Girls" is this transition from the youth tomboy into the mature girl. The girl is unsure about whether she wants to be a girl or not, since she enjoys her dad's work and wishes to be part of it. On page 113, the girl expresses her feeling of disgust, "she (the mother) was plotting now to get me to stay in the house more, although she knew I hated it (because she knew I hated it) and keep me from working for my father." The girl doesn't need to take part in womanly chores in the house; she would like to work outside with her father. The whole story is centered around gender roles of women and the girl must face and accept that her role isn't outside with the pelting operation. The girl, who is the main character, describes her fatherВ№s pelting operation in much detail showing her interest and knowledge of it. On page 109 and the top of page 110, line eight, she describes what is meant by pelting operation by explaining, "that was what the killing, skinning, and preparation of the furs was called." She likes her father's work so much that she concerns herself with k.. .

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