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The Impact of the Tea Party Movement Essay

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1. Introduction The United States of America are a classical example of a governmental two-party system. (cp. McDonald/Samples, 2006: 18). The Republican party and the Democrat party. However, at the start of 2009, a new powerful non-party player appeared from the political arena. The Tea Party Movement triumphed to substantially affect the 2010 elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate in the USA. Their main positions which can be found in their "Contract from America" (Tea Party Movement, 2010) plays a significant part in the election campaigns of both the Republican and the Democratic Party (...). The Tea Party recommends to get a better management of the constitutional competences of Congress, to get fewer environmental laws which might have negative impact on the economy, for a balanced bugdet, for a single-rate tax system reform, even to get a bigger and more efficient administration as well as federal-level, state-level along with local-level subsidiarity, to get a reduction of national government spending development, for a more market-based healthcare system, to get a decrease in the dependence on foreign energy resources, for more restrictive rules for its use of earmarks and to get a repeal of currently scheduled tax increases (ibid.) . Their positions can be summed up as a powerful stance against 'big government', particularly Federal government. Building on a spatial rational choice framework of party contest developed by Anthony Downs, I seek to analyze in this paper exactly what the motives are that empower the the Tea Party Movement to induce the recognized parties, leading the Republican party, to adopt a lot of their positions in their election campaigns. In accord with this, the central research question of this paper uttered. .

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