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Redemption in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Essay

Redemption at A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Intro Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas carol representing on the society which he reside in the Victoria Era. Throughout the reign of Queen Victoria Britain became one of the most Industrialised Nations in European. By Britain Factories, mills, shipyards came goods which range from steam locomotives, to fabrics and boat, while coal miners toiled deep under the ground to make the coal required to power Britain enlarging Industries. During Victorian times there has been a critical gap between the wealthy and poor. Rich folks were quite wealthy and poor people were living outside on the payments in very poor weathering conditions, also bad people were in poverty. Shortly industrialisation started factories started to start, and inferior individuals started to work in factories. Many peasants have been paid minimal wages. Thus many peasants were enduring hardship as an example living illness. Living condition during the Victorian Era proved quite bad they used to operate for a very long working hour and not receive any break or time off in any moment. And Long functioning hour left bad workers really tired. They would get straight to work when they enter in. Later child labour began. Many children started working in factories. The majority of the children were mostly boys instead then grails. Child labour in Victorian England was called the kids chained belted harnessed like puppy, and also half nude. Diseases were caught quite a whole lot through the Victorian days by children who were working in factories as well as other sorts of areas. Charles dickens chose to call his story a song because Christmas was connected with celebrating and singing carols. What that’s he wanted to attract.

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