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Nihilism in O’Connor's Great Country People Essay

One’s attitude toward the world and life generally often proves self-destructive. Flannery O’Connor, in her short story, “Good Country People,” runs on the selection of rhetoric devices such as for example symbolism, characterization, and irony to portray what sort of nihilistic philosophy of life can eventually result in ruin. She depicts how people have a tendency to stereotype with techniques that prevent them from considering or seeing clearly, and how it can result in devastating consequences ultimately. The short story targets the expectations of Hulga Hopewell and the irony of her encounter with a traveling Bible salesman. Hulga, with a PhD in philosophy and a wooden leg, sees herself as an uncompromising cynic in an environment of fools, and she believes she's spotted a world-course fool in a Bible salesman, Manley Pointer. As her name implies, that is simply wishful thinking: her certainty in her personal brilliance and the stupidity of others qualified prospects her right into a trap that reveals a lot more truth about herself and the globe around her than she'd have ever previously believed feasible. Despite her PhD, Hulga, at 32 years outdated, lives with her mom and has no work or desire to obtain one, or odds of ever having one. Hating both herself and the globe on her behalf missing leg, she actually is looking for the therapeutic powers of sex and like. This is exactly what she sees in Manly, the simpleton bible salesman: possibly the last feasible opportunity she’ll ever need to experience love and sex. In her high opinion of herself and low opinion of him, she programs to seduce him throughout their picnic date. Throughout the whole story, O’Connor displays how people have a tendency to use clichés with techniques that make it possible for them in order to avoid thinking or seeing obviously. Hulga, who talks about “nice young men as though she [can] smell their s...

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