CREATED ON 17th April 2018

Essay on Giant Panda

What pet is dark and white and adored all around the global world? If you guessed the giant panda, you're right! The huge panda is also referred to as the panda bear, bamboo bear, or in Chinese as Daxiongmao, the "large bear cat." Actually, its scientific name means white and "black cat-footed animal." Giant pandas are located only in the mountains of central China. They reside in dense bamboo and coniferous forests at altitudes of 5,000 to 10,000 feet. The mountains are covered in weighty clouds with torrential rains or dense mist through the entire full year. Giant pandas are bear-like in form with striking black and white markings. The ears, eye patches, legs, and shoulder band are black. All of those other physical body can be whitish. Adults are four to six 6 feet long and could think about to 350 pounds, a comparable size as the American black bear. Nevertheless, unlike the dark bear, giant pandas usually do not hibernate and are not able to walk on the hind legs. The huge panda has unique front side paws-one particular of the wrist bones can be enlarged and elongated and can be used just like a thumb, enabling the huge panda to understand stalks of bamboo. They have very effective jaws and tooth to crush bamboo also. While bamboo stalks and roots constitute about 95 percent of its diet, the giant panda feeds on fish and occasionally little rodents also. It must eat 20 to 40 pounds of food every day to survive, and spends 10 to 16 hours a full day feeding. Until recently, Washington DC's National Zoo housed Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, the most well perhaps.

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