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James Hogg Essay

Biographical Summary James Hogg was born and raised in Scotland on his family farm. Hogg simply went to school for a month or two on account of the household bankruptcy. This caused his premature introduction to literature to be consisted of the Bible and the stories that he had been told from his mom and uncle. When he grew old, Hogg acquired a job because of Shepard's assistant from James Laidlaw. While working there, Laidlaw educated Hogg how to examine, with all newspapers and countless theological substances. As Hogg became increasingly better at writing and reading, Laidlaw enabled him to utilize Laidlaw's personal library, in order to keep his reading career. In Laidlaw's farm, Hogg began writing, starting out with poetry and songs. Through the poetry, Walter Scott, that started Hogg's career by allowing him to write in his newspaper, found Hogg. From here, Hogg meet a number of other literary figures, like William Wordsworth. Hogg even combined the Maga club, which has been a group of prominent literary figures all the time, and begun writing together, which solidified his livelihood. Hogg's writing style is black, using an unnatural aspect. This strings from his youth of spiritual attention. With the continuous reading of the bible, in addition to other theological material, Hogg's writings consistently have a religious aspect his novels also. This is most notable in The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, which discuses the Protestant time in the United States and in England. The novel shows this through the use of a devout brother compared to a unholy brother, as well as introducing elements of sin and devil worship. Hogg's education also banned his composing style. This is mainly through the simple fact that he never had any formal schooling, so he "never re-wro...

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