CREATED ON 17th April 2018

Survival of Nazi Atrocities and Borowski's Narrative Techniques in This Way To The Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

Tadeusz Borowski's "This Way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen" is a story told by Tadek, the diminutive of Tadeusz, uttered the Nazi atrocities which took place in Auschwitz. In his representation of daily life in Auschwitz, Borowski explains his position as a kapo: a non-Jewish inmate who functions and strategies to survive amid daily slaughter. From the 'immersion world' societal relationships are determined by accessibility to basic goods needed for survival, such as food and clothes, and from the excess of these that may purchase their possessor a place in society (orKennedy 160). Tadek operates his way up the inmate social latter so as to survive from the camp for such a long time. His tactics include bartering for rights and goods, lying and stealing. In doing this he can survive in such barbaric conditions as Auschwitz. As the story continues, Tadek's psychological wall starts to return and you notice that he does really feel accountable and has compassion for each one of the transports that are delivered into the crematorium. In Borowski's "This Way to the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen", he discloses the survival techniques which Tadek uses while in captivity of the Germans through narrative techniques like symbolism, tone and characterization to be able to depict him as a likeable character and humanize him because the narrative goes on. Symbolism is depicted in the narrative through the dehumanization of these prisoners. At the beginning of the narrative, Borowski dehumanizes the other offenders by comparing both Tadek along with them to creatures. He states, "All of us walk around nude. The delousing is finally over, and our striped suits return in the tanks of Cyclone B option, an effective killer of lice in clothing and of men in gas chambers" (Borowski 9). This description opens the narrative in a very cr...

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