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Social Awkwardness Essay examples

Social Awkwardness According to this social networking site Facebook, the organization's review says "to provide the people the capability to talk about and make the world more open and connected". Over the past couple of years we've seen the globe increasingly getting smaller by means of social networking websites. The everyday activities that we use seem so insignificant have now become an integral part of many lives. Simple daily tasks like speaking, setting plans, playing games, as well as relationship today have all become accessible through Facebook by bringing our private relationships out in the public domain. Each user has the ability to announce to the world their connection status by choosing through a variety of options ranging from single, married, to it's confusing. In some areas, Facebook is regarded as the official statement tool of our social status. The power given to us Facebook has risen to the point of complete control in every aspect of our social interaction with individuals, but has it eliminated the requirement for personal interaction within human relationships? For many college students a connection isn't real until they have declared it on Facebook. Users are permitted to let a connected network of friends follow the status of the breakups, birthdays, anniversaries and even sexual conquests. The social network is fast getting a digital "Dating Game", with the capability to see other profiles and matchup likes and dislikes to their own. David Gewirtz publisher of "Facebook -- leading worldwide social networking site" suggests that "young pupils begin using social networks when they would like to datethose not in the relationship circle aren't as busy and the ones that are, want to flaunt and meet more people"(Adam). Facebook has a mix.

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