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Standardized Testing is NOT Effective Essay Illustration

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Standardized testing isn't an efficient way to test the skills and skills of today's pupils. Standardized tests don't reveal what a student really knows and learns, but rather only prove how well a student can do on a standard evaluation. Schools have an obligation to prepare pupils for life, and with the power standardized tests have today, students are being cheated out of a proper, valuable education and forced to prepare and increase their assessment skills. An excessive amount of time, energy, and pressure to succeed are being committed to standardized tests. Standardized testing, as it's being used now, is a faulty method of testing the abilities of today's pupils. Too much time has been committed to preparing students for standardized tests. Parents ought to fret about what colleges are sacrificing so as to concentrate on increasing test scores. Schools across the country are cutting back , or even removing programs in the arts, recess for young kids, field trips, electives for high school pupils, class meetings, discussions about current events, using literature in the elementary grades, along with entire subject areas such as science (if the tests cover only language arts and mathematics) (Kohn Standardized Testing and Its Victims 1). Alfie Kohn, author of The Case against Standardized Testing, recalls a specific episode of how kids are being cheated out of valuable class time. He says that a college in Massachusetts employed a unit that was remarkable, for a middle-school course, where pupils chose an action and extensively researched it, and reported or taught, it into the course. This program has had to be removed from the class program so as to devote enough time to teaching prescribed material for their standardized tests. In my school all pupils in the tenth grade have to take the Graduation Qualifying Exam. Many pupils did not pass the exam their first time, and were forced to go through the test around four times, and when they didn't pass the test within this period of time they did not graduate. It is hard to test students in this way because nobody was taught the same manner all 12 years or learned the exact same exact items; these gaps are why people are different (Popham 2). School is more about testing now, and we have veered away from creative teaching to instruct a test. We need to have teachers who inspire kids to want to.

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