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Whether you are an ordinary teenager wanting to stay in contact with friends after school, or a business person having a low cost but powerful way to keep work related material local and secret, chances are you utilize E-Mail or Instant Messaging services. For communication purposes in this high tech lifestyle that is today, these systems are utilized only with the fundamental understanding needed to run those devices. You're about to learn how these systems are and the in depth understanding Required to make them work. To begin with, you need to know that they require a system of computers connected to a LAN (Local Area Network) server. The most commonly used and largest LAN server in the world is the Internet. Since the World Wide Web hosts the majority of all IM (Instant Messaging) and E-Mail servers, then you must know the beginnings of it. The Internet's precursor was that the ARPANET. The ARPANET was a large wide-area system made by the United States Defense Advanced Research project Agency (ARPA). Established in 1969 ARPANET served as a test-bed for new media technologies, linking many universities and research centers. The first two nodes that formed the ARPANET were UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute, followed by the University of Utah. Due to his distinctive expertise in data networking Len Kleinrock would use the technologies that by then had come to be known as "packet switching". After TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) was adopted by the ARPANET because its connection for the networks, the Internet was born. The first email message was sent by Len Kleinrock in 1973. He used the Resource-Sharing Executive program (RSEXEC) to send a message to some man in London that he forgot his razor in his room and to retrieve it while in the global meeting for government financing projects like the ARPANET from other countries. To do so he had to run the RSEXEC program in his home in Los Angeles and then had to think of somebody on the community at 3 A.M.. After he did, he put the "where so" control in and attached his computer to the other so that the TALK command could be allowed. RSEXEC opened a broken display , one to write messages and another to read. As time passed, this process of working with a resource sharing application for a message sending...

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