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Essay The Story of Wounded Knee

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"What's the 'hostiles performed? It is apparently so far a white man's war" (Qtd. In Hines 30). The Indians who were murdered at Wounded Knee given no offense on their reservation at the time prior to the battle (Hines 36), they simply practiced religion. The Ghost Dance movement caused a massacre at Wounded Knee that has a lasting effect on lots of folks. The religion of the Ghost Dance started with a man named Wovoka. On January 1, 1889, he had a 'vision' during a solar panel in Nevada (Peterson 27). It attracted a message of hope to the oppressed Indians of just the Indians alive. Even the Indians called Wovoka that the 'Messiah' ("The Ghost Dance" par. 1) and it had been considered that he would bring a "day of deliverance" (Phillips 16) to the Indians. The messiah was said to come back to the earth so that all of the white guys would vanish along with the buffalo and their ancestors would go back (Peterson 27). Wovoka's vision was that: Indians who danced the Ghost Dance would rise up into the sky while God covered the white guy with a new earth. Subsequently the Ghost Dancers will join their ancestors in a land filled with buffalo and game. The water could be candy, the grass will be green, and there would be no white men. (Or"The Ghost Dance" par. 5) The Indians who obtained a part of this ritual would quickly and take sweat bathrooms. Later, everybody painted their face and threaded eagle feathers in their hair. They wore muslin shirts constituting eagle feathers, crows and other significant symbols (Peterson 27). Some believed that these shirts called Ghost Shirts would have the ability to deflect bullets (Robertson par. 2). A medicine man stated before the massacre that, "The prairie is large, and their bullets will fly over the prairies and won't come toward us. If...

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