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Philosophy is certainly an interesting goal. It causes us to search for truth, integrity and request the query “why? ” even more than we would in any other case frequently. However, I possess discovered that philosophy itself entertaining rather. It leads to false answers to what could be false questions sometimes. It leads to held beliefs that can be destructive radically, difficult to understand, and contrary to truth frequently. Worst of all, it all frequently answers queries that we as human beings possess no enduring business answering with any conviction. I don't think that philosophy itself is bad, however I do think that we need to look at it much more pessimistically than most perspectives allow. As it appears to me, most philosophical points of views are in some actual method faulty. Having caught a glimpse of various viewpoints, We have got observed a great quantity of sound reasoning and cause eliminated wrong. These ideas have built up into worldviews that are complete mostly, but opposite to what is normally genuine or great. As a hopeful and pessimistic engineer-type geek, it is in my nature to dissect everything, find out what's wrong with it, and figure out the best thing to replace it with. Right here is situated my weak attempt to function outside what is normally known and function with the philosophies of today. I will begin with Aristotle, as I was loving of his empiricism rather. The basic idea of how everything can be material and type is definitely interesting. It is understood by me, but I disagree. I think that everything in the concrete world is certainly matter, but that its type is definitely component of the matter, not really independent. I also agree that knowledge of reality is gained in part by encounters and senses. Additionally, We recognize that there is normally an fundamental purpose to the recognizable switch that is all around us. His idea of an Unmoved Prime Mover is pretty cool as well, from the im aside...

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