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The Life of Stars Essay

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Stars are born within clouds of dust and swirling wind in our atmosphere. The turbulence inside these clouds creates enough gravitational force between the gas and dust that it begins to collapse upon itself and becomes more humid and warm farther to the cloud. The cloud has been fall, collecting dust and gas around the hot center which is called a protostar. ( Protostars are not hot enough to emit visible light in their first phases, but exude infrareds. In their later stages, protostars emit more visible light, but pictures taken with visible light telescopes have a tricky time seeing beyond the big masses of dust around stars, if the stars are not very bright. ( Stars the size of the sun are projected to mature within a span of approximately 50 million years, that is from initial cloud meltdown, to maturity. Our sunlight should stay within this old phase for about 10 billion decades, and it is projected that sunlight is in the center of its lifetime. Stars are awarded life from atomic fusions of hydrogen; forming helium deep inside them. The energy goes outward, giving the thing enough resistance to the stress of collapsing under its own weight, and which makes it glow. Some stars glow faintly and some glow brighter or hotter than the sun. Red Dwarfs will be the tiniest of stars, and shine for tens of centuries. Hypergiants, the biggest stars in the known universe are one hundred or more times larger than our sun, and also emit thousands and thousands of times greater energy. That having been said, their lifetimes are only about a couple million decades, which is much shorter compared to the anticipated of our sunlight. Hypergiants have been believed to be prevalent in the early world, but are...

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