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Writer about Spanish English Metaphors

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Linguistic Impact In the field of Modern Languages and Linguistics, words are of Excellent significance. A language's phonology (study of how sounds are organized and used), morphology (research of the shape and arrangement of words), syntax (research of the principles that govern sentence structure), semantics (study of meaning of words, sentences, and expressions), and pragmatics (study of facets of language and meaning use and context), and phonetics (study of human language sounds) All play a significant role in everyday life. All these have a significant influence in knowing the intent of what's heard or spoken. On account of the importance of communication, literary elements such as metaphors (that can be defined as a figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or concept that's used instead of another to suggest a likeness between them), takes on greater cultural significance. This is particularly true of the Spanish language. Cultural Influences In Western culture the usage of everyday metaphors such as the "neck of the woods", meaning a region or neighborhood ( could be difficult to understand by those learning English as a Second language. Literal translations can become rather confusing. While coming into the recognition that some sayings such as "rolling in dough" don't necessarily mean to roll about in pastry, it might take awhile for a while to equate this with its true significance - to really have an overabundance or surplus of cash. American culture is constituted of a melding of influences from varied cultures, many of which are out of Spanish sources. As such, a few metaphors, like "light of the life" which means a man who's regarded very fondly ( have comparable meanings in the English.

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