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Miss Maudie & Aunt Alex Essay

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Miss Maudie & Aunt Alex The Maycomb ladies supply an excellent example of racial prejudice, and a failure to see what it is like in somebody else's skin. They believe they're doing nicely by earning money for missions, failing to see the hardship on their own doorsteps. Aunt Alexandra is extremely important to the novel, 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' as she's a representative of these viewpoints, disapproving of Calpurnia and disassociating herself from the black community completely. Miss Maudie nevertheless is the counterpoint to Aunt Alexandra. Maudie provides Scout a female character model, whereas Aunt Alexandra tries to make Scout more ladylike, to match with her place in life. Aunt Alexandra plays the best role in strengthening class distinctions within the Finch family. As she considers that because the Finch family comes from a long line of landowners, who have been in the county for generations , they deserve greater esteem than other people do and consequently must behave based on their status. However her bias alienates her out of the tolerant Finches, but she fits in well with the rest of Maycomb. Aunt Alexandra has strict and traditional thoughts of how society works and the function for a Southern lady inside, which she attempts to enforce upon Scout at the start for this publication. 'After I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn't supposed to do things which required trousers.' Scout immediately requires a dislike to Aunt Alexandra when she criticises her about her overalls. Aunt Alexandra fits in well with all the neighbors in Maycomb, but not with all the kids, as she needs different standards of behavior from what they are utilized to. Aunt Alexandra does create an effect throughout her stay when trying to influence the children during their years of growing up. Atticus is worried that he isn't doing his best for his children and is torn between being polite to his sister and raising Jem and Scout as he sees fit. 'Your aunt has asked me to attempt to impress upon you and Jean Louise that you aren't from run-of-the-mill men and women,' 'She asked me to inform you.' Atticus doesn't really wish to do this but realises it is important for his sister, Jem and Scout can sense this because he keeps saying 'She asked me to inform you' Aunt Alexandra plays a significant part in Jem and Scout's comprehension of Atticus's teachings on racial discrimination and bias. S.. .

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