CREATED ON 9th March 2018

The Effects of Learning a Second Language in Adulthood Essay

Introduction Being able to speak more than one language is proving to be an important skill in contemporary society. Many children around the world are at least bilingual, leaving many American parents wondering if they too, should learn to speak another language. Although this debate remains ongoing, many individuals are working to learn a second language either to communicate with a new customer base or to achieve higher status within a corporate setting. Many Americans learn another language in adulthood. Many public schools don't start teaching second languages until high school, and all college students must study a foreign language to be able to graduate in the university. Another inhabitants within the United States that is studying another language are those immigrating from other countries, especially Mexico. Most of these immigrants who are learning are adults, their children are not going to have to manage learning another language because they will most likely learn two languages, both English and Spanish. For the purposes of this paper, I have defined adulthood as including any individual who is at or above the age of eighteen, since there is so little research on language learning in early adulthood versus middle or late adulthood. It's impossible to find research about particular divisions of maturity that have been verified by subsequent research trials, therefore I have included research about most of ages of maturity. Throughout this paper, I'll discuss the major aspects of the body of research literature that separates adult second language learning out of that of natural bilingual persons, such as complete immersion into the speech, biological and neurological elements, the arrangement of both the native and second languages, age of acqui...

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