CREATED ON 19th February 2018

Technology Is The Seed Of Our Destruction Essay

At an early age children are given toys stimulate their brains. Legos, Lincoln logs, the match Perfection, teach the young ones what shapes are and exactly what they fit with. But soon Legos will no longer be relevant. Younger generations' new "play toys" will probably be iPads, iPods, and numerous other technology gadgets. Our youth will grow up in a world where technology is constantly changing; having the mindset that nothing can be done without a smart mobile, tablet, or computer. Today's society is indeed tied to technologies that we are losing grasp on the non-cyber reality. When my mother was dating, boys could come up to her in person and ask her out. There was a rush of adrenaline when doing this; the fear of being refused, the joy if she said yes. Today boys just shoot past a text that reads "Hey grl date?" And a few texts are lucky if they contain vowels. What happened to love? What young women are growing up to recognize only exists in fairytales and romantic comedies. Just like in video games, guys are constantly looking for cheats, or short cuts. So it's not a surprise when men try to take short cuts to hook up with girls. Having mobiles with the capacity to send images and search the net, makes it easier to send and get risqué pictures. Society as a whole is too determined by technology, we're hooked on it. People are on edge when they are not around their phones or computers, because we believe the need to post every thought and action that we had daily. Who really cares if Joe and Gina are eating at Steak and Shake and feeling joyful? No one! However, the fact of the issue isn't if we care it's that we understand. From the article, "Children, Technology, Problems and Preferences" is defines that this act of sending naked pics or close to na...

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