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Calypso from the Caribbean Essay

Pansy ENG 401 Dr. Champagne December 11, 2013 Calypso in the Caribbean "She say she do not like bamboo/but she don't mind meh cane/She say cane juice actual sweet/it does reach to her mind" are song lyrics from the calypso song "Sweet Cane Juice" sung in Roger McTair's short story, "Visiting". As stated by Britannica Encyclopedia, calypso has been "a kind of folk song primarily from Trinidad though sung everywhere in the southern and eastern Caribbean islands. The subject of a calypso text, usually witty and satiric, is a local and topical event of political and social import, and the tone is one of allusion, mockery, and double entendre". This music genre is just one of the most important traditions in Caribbean music background. Calypso music was created from 19th-Century black slaves who were utilized to operate sugar plantations in Trinidad (Lagassé, Paul 1). Slaves were not allowed to talk to one another, so instead they sung audio to communicate. In present society, "calypso songs continue to be utilized in the classic pre-Lenten carnival" at Trinidad. (Lagassé, Paul 1) Roger McTair can successfully write Caribbean literature because Trinidad is the native country. "Visiting" gives the reader an idea of how Caribbean politics as well as the demonstration of calypso music bringing people together. Calypso was created from slaves in Trinidad and Tobago. "Calypso is among the first true West Indian art forms" (Sunshine 582). Trinidad and Tobago originated from South American indians. By accident, Christopher Columbus finds Trinidad and Tobago while sailing west in Europe in effort to locate another route to Asia at 1498. In 1595, during a hunt for gold, Sir Walter Raleigh lands in Spain. Consequently, Trinidad belongs.

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