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A Career as a Pediatrician Essay

Ever since I was five years-old, I walked around telling everyone that I need to be a physician. It was not till I was twenty five that I knew I needed to work with kids also. So I looked for my mom and said, "Mother what would you call a physician that always works with kids?" I didn't know whether or not it had a distinctive name such as everything else. She looked at me and asked why I wanted to know. I told her, "I want to learn what kind of doctor I would like to be." She told me that everybody would call me a pediatrician. Then all I could think was, "My next thing would be to learn how to spell that." A pediatrician is the person children go to till they turn 18. The five things one must know about this profession are background, description, education and training, wages, and prognosis. The word pediatrics stems from a root meaning healer of children; they arise from two Greek words: παῖς (pais = kid) and also ἰατρός (iatros = physician or healer). Lee J. Sutton Jr., Ph.D., was the first fulltime professor at the USA that taught of pediatrics at the Medical College of Virginia ("History" Department). In the 18th century, children became the focus of a separate healthcare ("Pediatrician"). Throughout the time assortment of 1928 to 1959, there have been large changes in medical and pediatric care and teachings for everybody ("History" Department). In 1973, the D.P. (Department of Pediatrics) opened a among the very first youth units, demonstrating its own pledge to serve all new born babies, babies, children, adolescents and young adults ("History" Department). Children's healthcare became a known as a medical specialty throughout the early 19th century, and from the middle of the 19th century, pediatrics was taught separately in almost all medical colleges ("Pediatrician"). In the.

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