CREATED ON 6th February 2018

The Effect of the Media on anti-Communist Sentiment and the Palmer Raids

Following World War One and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, fear of communism was escalating in the Us. Everybody seemed to fear the so-called "Red Menace", a term introduced by Edgar J. Hoover. Partnering with Hoover has been a man named A. Mitchell Palmer, head of the Justice Department. Palmer became a pioneer in the fight against communism. He probably was prompted by being a target of one of those notorious 1919 bombings (Dumenil 220). Palmer wished to be referred to as the embodiment of Americanism, combating all that threatened our society. He also had prospective hopes of running for the Presidency. With anti-communistic attitudes building throughout the country, Palmer rounded up 500 federal agents on the night of January 2nd, 1920 to sweep through various cities in America capturing "reds". These were called the Palmer Raids. Thousands of immigrants have been detained and detained without due process. They had been granted no rights when arrested and their houses were raided without warrants. Finally 240 immigrants were deported to Russia as a result of those raids. The people of America were afraid their way of life was being threatened from the communists. Overwhelming anxiety of communism seemed to catch the whole attitude of the country from the early 1920's. The fuel for this fire from communism, would need to be the press. I believe the media caused an escalation in the anti-Communist feelings during the times leading up to and throughout the Palmer Raids. There are many ways the media affects society, however in the 1920's the main source was newspapers. Even the New York Times was among the most popular and prestigious newspapers of this time and also among the most influential. Many individuals had fait in that which they read rather than instant gu...

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