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The Underground Railroad in North Carolina Essay

The Underground Railroad in North Carolina The Underground Railroad was perhaps the most busy and spectacular protest action against slavery in United States history and as we look at the Underground Railroad in North Carolina we'll revolve around the Quakers, Levi Coffin's ancient decades, and the reports for escaped slaves from North Carolina. The unique blend of southern slave holder and also northern abolitionist influences in the creation of North Carolina served to create the nation an important connection in the efforts to end slavery inside and out of North Carolina boundaries. Although not "underground" nor a "railroad," this casual system became a loosely constructed network of escape routes that originated from the South, intertwined throughout the North, and finally stopped in Canada and other areas where runaways were safe by being recaptured. From 1830 to 1865, the Underground Railroad reached its peak as abolitionists who condemned human bondage aided large numbers of slaves to liberty. They not only called for an end to slavery, but also acted to help its victims from securing independence. Contrary to other organized actions of the abolition movement which mostly denounced human bondage, the Underground Railroad secretly resisted slavery by aiding runaways. Since the Underground Railroad needed a shortage of formal association, its existence often relied upon the efforts of lots of people from several distinct areas of life in North Carolina who helped slaves to escape. Accounts are restricted of individuals who actually engaged in its actions. Normally conductors hid or destroyed their own private journals to safeguard themselves and also the runaways. Yet some first hand accounts from runaway slaves were recorded. The lack of evid...

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